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How to Find Seasonal Jobs on the Road

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Lillian has been living and working full time on the road since early 2019 in a self-converted 28-passenger shuttle bus. She tells us how she has made this lifestyle sustainable through working seasonal jobs from white-water rafting to garlic farming with little to no experience beforehand.

“I was trying to find some kind of online job that I could do while traveling, but I quickly learned that being behind a computer is not something that I can do at all. So that is when I found the seasonal work”

What Lillian and Laurén Chat About:

  • What Lillian lives in on the road

  • Converting her bus with her Dad

  • Quitting her job with the USDA to hit the road

  • Finding a seasonal job to continue her travels

  • What things you can do as a seasonal worker (hint: anything!)

  • Summer and winter seasonal work time periods

  • Getting a job as a white-water rafting guide (with no prior experience)

  • Requirements to become a white-water raft guide; cost for training

  • Job responsibilities as a raft guide; best parts of the job

  • How much you work while doing a seasonal gig

  • What the community is like, making friends

  • Accommodations, showering, etc. while working a seasonal gig

  • Learning to become a youth ski instructor (with intermediate ski experience)

  • Having a dog while working a seasonal job (winter and summer)

  • Seasonal jobs with children

  • Finding jobs on Work Away or through WWOOF

  • Getting a more long-term job as a farm manager on a garlic farm

“I went [white water rafting] one time, as a guest, like 5 or 6 years prior to applying for this job…”

“With seasonal work, when you are working, you are usually [actually] working and you don’t have much time off, and then your time off is the two months in-between your summer and winter gigs and vice versa…that’s when you go get to play, but at the same time isn’t everyday playing if you are raft guiding or you are skiing, you don’t really need the days off because you are enjoying what you’re doing.”

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