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How to Find your Perfect Remote Job

What's in Today's Episode

Chris sits down to talk remote jobs with Brie Reynolds, Career Development Manager at FlexJobs.

“Communication skills… are really the critical piece that employers are looking for. Someone that can communicate really well in writing, and verbally…”

What Chris and Brie Chat About

  • What jobs are good for those with little or no experience working remotely or minimum computer experience

  • What employers are looking for (soft and hard skills)

  • What computer skills you should learn before applying for remote jobs

  • How to practice for an interview

  • Benefits in remote positions, freelance vs. employee

  • How to transition from an office job to remote

“On FlexJobs we have lots of lists of job interview questions for remote jobs, general interview questions…”

You can start your remote work journey today by visiting

Get in contact with Brie or others at FlexJobs by visiting


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