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How to Run a Six-Figure Business from a Camper Van

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Molly is a long-time nomad, vanlifer, and successful entrepreneur. She works with coaches, healers, and other holistic practitioners to help them better market their services, create accessible content, and systemize their businesses. Molly shares her story, tips to being a successful business owner on the road, and more.

“I would never call myself a workaholic. I call myself highly productive because I don’t see it as a negative thing that I work really hard and get a lot done.”

What Molly and Laurén Chat About:

  • Being a podcast host

  • Her nomadic history and how she came to live in a Sprinter Van

  • Attending her first van gathering; the van community

  • How to balance work and play on the road

  • The process of building her van out while still running a business

  • The tools and setup she needs to be successful as a digital nomad

  • Cell service and data for working on the road

  • Her background as a healer

  • How she started her business

  • Setting prices for services, not undervaluing yourself

  • Scaling up your business; delegating

  • Challenges and benefits to working on the road

“Systemize as much as possible, delegate as much as possible. Figure out the things that absolutely must be done by you and find ways to either automate or hand off everything else.”

If you want to follow along with Molly or access any of her incredible resources, you can find her here:


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