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Innovative Van Design with Edden & Nicole

In today's episode...

Ayana sits down with Nicole & Edden, two truly incredible innovators in the van building space. This couple has blown us all away with their beautiful build, and take time to share their wisdom with us! Listen in as the two tell us about their unique approach to design, how they got into building, and their experience being on the road.

Ayana, Nicole & Edden discuss:

  • How Nicole & Edden got into van building

  • Making money as full time nomads

  • The process of building a spectacular van in just 3.5 months

  • Weaving home design into your van

  • Building as a couple

  • Being innovators in the van building space

  • Living on the road for a few months

  • What's coming next for Nicole & Edden and a little teaser of their next van build plan!

Find Nicole & Edden on Instagram: @nicoleandedden

Check them out on TikTok: @nicoleandedden

Visit their YouTube channel: @nicoleandedden

Send an email to: to reach Nicole & Edden directly.

Tour Edden & Nicole's gorgeous van:

Check out Nicole & Edden's YouTube channel:

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