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Cat Alfonso: Life Lessons From The Road

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Cat is part of the Tiny Home Tours team and has lived in a few different types of vehicles in her vehicle dwelling experience over the past three years living this lifestyle. In this episode Chris and Cat talk about her experiences on the road as a woman and unpack the transition and perception shifts she overcame to begin her nomad tiny life journey.

What Chris & Cat Chat About:

  • Cat shares her experience “stealthing” in her 1983 vintage Class C RV on neighborhood streets in Southern California.

  • Safety as a woman on the might be surprised to hear her thoughts.

  • The most ideal scenarios for different types of rigs.

  • Camper life - the pros and cons

  • The misconception of living full-time in vehicles while constantly traveling and the pros of being based in one area for a longer amount of time.

  • Cat and Chris talk a bit about building community while out on the road and feeling “alone” out on the road.

  • Friends on the road and the common ground you already have as vehicle-dwellers.

  • Changing the context behind the phrase “black sheep”

  • The difficulty of navigating to and discovering your “North Star” and being born in “the hamster wheel”

  • Cat’s experience transitioning from working in TV production in Los Angeles to a retail job with REI to begin taking steps into tiny living.

  • Prioritizing what you love, your daily choices and building confidence for living the life you want.

  • How Cat dealt with some of the societal pressures and expectations as a woman in her late thirties getting into the tiny life/vehicle dwelling lifestyle.

“I was born in the hamster wheel. We kind of all are...if you’re lucky you have people that are willing to pull you out of it. Or you just have a strong urge to get out of it. But I was definitely IN IT...It took me 35 years to decide that I wanted out.”

“First step: Go camping. Go out by yourself. Figure out what you care about. And then the woods and nature just becomes your church. And all you wanna do is be out in nature.”

“I want my freedom. I want the ability to say what I do when. Where I go when. And live the way that I want to live not how someone told me I had to.”

Check out Cat and her partner Sage during their bus life adventures:

Follow along with Cat on instagram & check out her podcast below!


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