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Life On The Road With Mountain Man Dan

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Dan is a five year veteran of living vanlife full-time. Ally sits down with Dan and gets to the nitty gritty of what got him started in this awesome and rewarding lifestyle, how it’s been and where he sees his vanlife going in the future.

What Dan and Ally Chat About:

  • How Dan got started living vanlife

  • It’s all about simplicity & the essentials for Dan

  • How Dan funds his full-time life on the road

  • The pandemic created the need for a new career. Dan talks about his latest endeavor that will keep him living his vanlife dream.

  • Dan’s newest venture began with his Nan. How Nan created a mindfulness practice for him and his brother at an early age.

  • Dan’s next rig and the partnership that he’s getting involved in to promote a sustainable & ethical form of living vanlife.

  • Dan weighs in on dating on the road.

“Living in a van teaches me how much I don’t live in a van. I just sleep in a van. I live outside!”

“Hey, I think if it works, it works! I’ve never really been one for putting timelines on it [vanlife]…I’m just chasing good dirt or good surf. As long as it’s fun, I’ll keep doing it.”

“Why not burn the bridges and zero in on succeeding?”

Follow along with Dan on his instagram account below!


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