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Living a Wild, Intentional Life: Entrepreneurship and Vanlife

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Lisa Jacobs has been living in her van on and off for four years. She and Chris catch up and share their life philosophies on everything from making friends on the road, real estate investments, following your dreams, and more.

“…I will never sell a house, ever. If someone is thinking about selling their house and then buying a van- don’t. Because, a bigger chunk of money in the moment is going to be gone, but a few hundred dollars a month is going to become a thousand dollars a month over the years and that is passive income for the rest of your life.”

What Lisa and Chris Chat About:

  • Becoming an influencer and how that has affected her identity

  • Finding a community on the road, learning to accept yourself through this alternative lifestyle

  • Their shared birthday

  • The progression of vanlife for her over time (highs and lows)

  • Leaving the van for a while as a reset

  • Using the van to help her real estate investments

  • Having rental properties in places she doesn’t live

  • Managing vacation rentals yourself or using a management company

  • How she has made money on the road over time

  • How social media and the nomad community has shaped her life

  • Loneliness on the road

  • What it’s like moving in and out of the van

  • How much it costs her monthly to live in her van

  • Getting “the knock”

  • Going after her dream of becoming an actress

  • Who to take life advice from

  • Three years to become an expert

“My first year, I really think of it as the hero’s journey, which I think it is for everybody…you’re leaving the known world and you’re entering this unknown adventure. My first year was just awesome, I was sharing freely, I was meeting people, I was so excited and interested. Everything was so new and that is a very sacred time for vanlifers, your first year…so really say yes to everything, dive into everything, get to know those people because the people you meet during that time, those will be your people moving forward.”

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