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Living Debt Free in a $50k Micro Tiny Home

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Shana is an incredibly impressive woman! She moved into a tiny house to get out of debt while teaching and working a second job. Shana sold her car to help and started taking the bus and walking. As of now, her credit cards, student loans and tiny home are all paid off and she is 100% debt free. Shana and Chris discuss what steps she took to pay off her debt, having her tiny home built, living in a tiny home community, and working side gigs.

“I think I could go smaller. I know that sounds weird but, I’m really into only having things that I love or have a particular meaning and I think I could go smaller…”

What Chris and Shana Chat About:

  • Her debt free journey

  • Tips for getting out of credit card debt

  • Why she went tiny

  • Working as a teacher while still being nomadic

  • Working with a tiny home builder

  • Designing her home

  • Going tiny with pets

  • Living in and picking out a tiny home community

  • Cost of parking

  • Remote side gigs

“I was designing and picking out everything while I was [living] in Austria, they would skype me with 7-hour [time] differences….”

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