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Living the Retirement Dream in a Beautiful Motorhome on Wheels

Shane and Patty Gill have been living in their incredible RV for about a year and a half. They’ve always loved the tiny lifestyle and now that they have an empty nest, Shane retired, and Patty is able to work remotely, they are living their dream of full time road travel!

Patty loves her amazing kitchen, with a central island and tons of storage space. She also loves her full size refrigerator, microwave/convection oven combo, and her cute little coffee bar! This kitchen has a to die for pantry that Patty was able to expand the space in by DIYing the door glass with chalk paint and adding an applique she made on her Cricut. This allowed her to use the inside of the door as racks for spices and extended storage.

Patty changed the woodwork throughout the RV, as it was very dark. She and Chris sanded down what they could and stained it lighter and removed the wooden valances to let in the natural light. This really lightened and opened up the space and made it exactly what she had hoped for!

Patty and Shane's living room couches convert to full size beds for when the kids come to visit and there is an amazing must-see entertainment center with a TV that rises from behind a beautiful electric fireplace by way of a cool ‘televator.’ When not in use, it’s tucked away!

Lightening Colors Changes the Ambiance of a Tiny Space

Patty made a lot of changes in the bathroom also, to lighten it up and added a shower curtain for aesthetics, as she wasn’t fond of the glass shower doors. The bedroom has a king size bed, a huge closet that is so deep she can store bins with other clothing behind the hanging clothing, and another closet with space for her washer/dryer and teaching supplies!

For outside storage, they have under bay storage areas that go all the way through and are accessible from either side. They even have a huge 8 foot slide out that can hold 800 pounds with room for their kayaks and/or bicycles.

Fellow Road Travelers Become Like Family

Shane shares that it was hard for him to get rid of his tools, but Patty chimed in

“Campers are like the best neighbors, if you need something and they have it, people are so nice when you’re camping and they’ll let you borrow it!”

If you are considering RV life, this tiny home on wheels is a must-see! Shane and Patty love this lifestyle and are truly ‘happy campers!

See the full tour of this gorgeous RV

They also have a blog: Gills on Wheels and their Facebook is GillsonWheels!

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