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Making a 10-Year Vanlife Dream Reality

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Kati Ryan speaks with Laurén about taking the leap into vanlife, quitting her job to start her own company, finding life-work balance, discovering community on the road, and more.

“I realized that I want to work less and I want to live more. I want a life-work balance instead of a work-life balance. I’m a recovering workaholic and I was like, I’m not doing this again.”

What Laurén and Kati Chat About:

  • Kati discusses how she first heard about vanlife and what became a 10-year dream turned reality

  • Laying herself off from her Bay Area job to start her own company

  • How she transitioned from a workaholic mindset into one that focuses on a life-work balance

  • Trading in her Honda Accord for an empty cargo van

  • Building it out herself with the help of a friend

  • Figuring out what layout worked best for her needs (hint: it’s Laurén’s!)

  • The skills she has gained from building her own home

  • Starting her company, A Positive Adventure

  • Advice for other people thinking about striking out on their own professionally

  • How she strikes the balance of working on the road, having fun with friends, and doing things she enjoys

  • Deciding when to say ‘yes’

  • How to make road life sustainable through balancing movement and stillness, focusing on physical and mental health

  • Making friends on the road, tapping into the van community

  • Sharing the realities of vanlife

“I think it’s just important [to share], it’s not a Pinterest board, it’s real life and all of the hard things that you have in a house are still out here, the scenery is just a little bit better…there’s highs and lows just like everything.”

Keep up with Kati at the links below:

Watch her van tour:

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