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Meet Alex: Our Newest Zeppelin Pilot

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Laurén sits down with our new Zeppelin Travels pilot- Alex Tinkham. Alex tells us a bit about herself, why she was drawn to bus life, and what this trip means to her after her mother's passing. She and Laurén discuss the process of downsizing, quitting her job, and her assumptions and expectations of what living on the road will be like.

“You don’t realize these things just accumulate…I’m cutting my belongings down to just a 1/8th…its nice in a way, knowing that I’ll have less things, it’s less stressful.”

What Alex and Laurén Chat About:

  • Meet Alex!

  • Quitting her job

  • How she came to work with Zeppelin Travels

  • Thoughts about solo female travel

  • How her family and friends reacted to her skoolie move

  • Downsizing two homes (her apartment and her family home) into a mini-skoolie

  • Why she wanted to apply for the opportunity to live and travel in a bus

  • Preparing to move into the bus, changing habits

  • Assumptions about buslife

  • What she is nervous for; what she is excited for

  • How she’ll pass the time while she is driving

“Going from being a caregiver and being heavily relied on to being fully independent again and not really have anything to worry about, other than myself, I think is going to be a huge adjustment but one that I really wanted to dive into and commit to do something for myself, and something that she would be proud of.”

Follow along with Alex on her six month journey at the links below:


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