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Meet Dark Wolf Artisans

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Chris records a conversation with his friends and business partners Wess and Aaron about the future of their custom tiny home manufacturing shop- Dark Wolf Artisans.

What Chris, Wess, and Aaron Chat About:

  • Keeping the shop in Kansas or moving it to new land

  • Aaron discusses his knowledge in off-grid electrical and plumbing and how that fits into the overall business

  • What each of their expertise is

  • Using CAD software to design mini-skoolie builds and work out problems before you build

  • Discussing the possibility of putting a few built out rigs into the nightly rental market

  • Utilizing their own knowledge from living on the road a long time, to build quality rigs

  • Competing at the Gutted Event; the challenge of building out a rig in five days

  • Creating a checklist to alleviate stress for people just getting on the road

  • List of things they want when looking for land

  • Subdividing land, buying a bunch of adjacent parcels, or buying a single large piece of land

  • Creating home bases/forever homes AND a collaborative business space

  • How Aaron wants the shop goals to align with and enhance his family life

  • Lessons learned from the past year of working together

Keep up with the guys and the shop

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