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Finding Solace on the Road: Mental Health and Vanlife

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Emily “Ed” joins us again to have a conversation about how vanlife has impacted her mental health and overall wellness.

“It was a lifeline. It was, I have to do this now, I can’t wait another minute.”

What Laurén and Emily Chat About:

  • Why Emily felt she needed to move into a van

  • Struggling and managing agoraphobia

  • Finding refuge in the van

  • Traveling with an emotional support animal

  • Dealing with the loss of a pet on the road

  • Fear, safety, traveling and living alone

  • What tools Emily uses to support her mental health

  • Toxic relationships and letting people in

  • Balancing time off-grid with maintaining relationships and community

  • Staying connected to your non-van friends

  • Seeing herself as an artist

  • Allowing walls to come down

“One of the places where our society has gone wrong is this kind of disconnect from nature. I think as time goes on, we’ll get back to it, and I think that shift is starting to happen, and people are starting to realize the importance of the natural world around us.”

See more of Emily and contact her for custom art commissions through her Instagram:


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