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Couple Custom Make a Travel Trailer Tiny Home

Photo from Living Vehicle

Joanna and Mathew Hoffman are traveling the country in their amazing tiny home on wheels, built from the ground up. They call it Living Vehicle, a labor of love eight years in the making. Mathew’s journey began when he quit his job as an architect and renovated an Airstream to live in. The local news picked up his story and his Airstream was featured in the LA Times, Sunset Magazine, HGTV, and the Travel Channel. This was the impetus for starting his small space renovation company; now they’ve done over 400 renovations, ‘Nothing creates a career like a bunch of publicity!’

“Our rule was, does it have wheels? Can it move? We’ll work on it!”

Tiny Homes can still be Luxe

Living Vehicle is a sight to see; the outside is pristine aluminum, while white powder-coated cabinet fronts and a Black Locust accent wall in the dinette area keep the inside clean and bright. Many specialty items make this build stand out, from the trash bins tucked away beside the kitchen sink which can be removed from the outside to the radiant heated towel racks and shower system with three different water options. There is also a central vacuum in this tiny home to keep the vinyl plank flooring clean.

Living Vehicle sleeps six people! The elevator bed with extra foot room tucks away above the dinette, the dinette converts to a bed, and the master has a large bed that converts to a couch and a huge closet.

Photo from Living Vehicle

Quality is Key When Making Tiny Homes that Last

Another beautiful amenity that Jonna and Matthew love is the massive windows made by a small Amish company from Indiana. They all open and have screens to let the light and fresh air in! Quality makes a difference.

“The more light that we can bring into a space…the light quality makes it feel truly residential, like a home!”

As a chef, the kitchen was very important to Joanna. When designing the tiny house on wheels, Joanna needed a functional kitchen that would allow her to cook real food, not just “camping food.” The kitchen countertops and island are white Corian, keeping the space light and modern.

Small Homes Make Luxury Living Easy

Photo from Living Vehicle

Heating and air are accomplished with a ducted system that is run within the ceiling space. There is a bay dedicated to technology, so all of the items are in one area. Matthew ran a media system too, connected to the TVs throughout the build. All but the air conditioning is run from solar!

An eight-foot drop-down deck protects the glass while traveling in addition to being an extension of the living space.

All in all, they love their prototype home and plan to continue living and working within their tiny home on wheels for the foreseeable future.

Their full tour can be viewed below:

Interested in buying your own Living Vehicle? Check out their website here.

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