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The Stone Family: Navigating the Mobile Income Journey

What’s in Today’s Episode:

In this episode Chris chats with Elizabeth & Spike Stone. Together they unpack their nomad life journey and talk about how they’ve integrated entrepreneurship and remote work into their mobile income to fund their life on the road.

“Be willing to take the smaller jobs and you can build off of the smaller jobs.” - Elizabeth

What Chris, Elizabeth and Spike Chat About:

  • The decision to go with skoolie life.

  • School bus as the go-to for families.

  • The relationship between your own risk tolerance and the fluctuation of income as an entrepreneur on the road.

  • Setting your expectations accurately for your income on the road.

  • Tapping the community for help with work and for hiring/recommending for other work.

  • The barter system is alive and well out on the road within the nomad community! How to pad your income with this tried and true community driven support system.

  • Changing expectations to being more project based work to stack jobs and income.

  • Challenging your comfort and complacency.

  • Assessing your own risk tolerance when considering hitting the road and what type of work you’re willing to do.

  • Seasonal work as a valid and solid option for OFF-line work.

  • Being flexible about what work looks like when living on the road.

“There are definitely times that are deeply uncomfortable. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, I'm thirsty, I'm hungry, the bus is broken down, I wanna cry. But it’s the trade-off... I’m also having breakfast in Sedona and having really amazing experiences.” - Spike

“Get outside of your comfort zone. It’s definitely worth taking the risk and putting yourself out there to make the mobile income work.” - Elizabeth

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