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Retired Couple Shares Insights to Life on the Road & Renovating a Vintage RV

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Chris sits down with Sharon and Bobby, a retired couple who renovated a vintage 1970 Holiday Rambler so they could pursue their love of the outdoors and travel. They share insights from five years on the road including how to save money RVing by boondocking. Bobby and Sharon also discuss their decision to buy an old RV instead of something new and what it was like renovating it.

“The people are what make it for me, I’ve met so many wonderful people”

What Chris and Bobby and Sharon Chat About:

  • Downsizing as empty nesters

  • Learning about and tips for free camping

  • Budgeting for full-time travel

  • Long term winter off-grid parking in AZ

  • Deciding to buy an older RV versus a new one

  • Finding a vintage RV to purchase and renovate

“You can’t do it too soon! As soon as you know that this is what you want to do, you have to start downsizing, and getting rid of stuff, and lining stuff up to sell, and this that and the other”


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