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Raising Twins on the Road with Tal

In today's episode...

Ally sits down to chat with Tal from @twins_on_wheels. After selling their belongings and flying to the U.S. from Israel, Tal and her family dove headfirst into life on the road. After 8 months in a van, Tal and her husband Ori self-converted a skoolie which they now live in. Listen as Ally chats with Tal about parenting, relationship and all things road life!

Ally & Tal discuss:

  • Tal's journey to full time road life

  • From van living to building a skoolie

  • Living minimally with 2.5 year old twins

  • Favorite memories with kiddos on the road

  • Potty training on the road

  • Maintaining your sense of identity as a mother of twins

  • Social media and making money on the road

  • Relationship struggles on the road as twin parents

To follow Tal & Ori's journey check them out on Instagram @twins_on_wheels, or visit their website at And, be sure to visit Rocky Mountain Bus Sales if you're looking for a bus to purchase!

Click below to the full tour of Tal & Ori's bus:

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