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How to Take your Office Job Remote and Hit the Road

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Finding an income stream while traveling full time is a huge barrier for many people interested in living a nomadic or less location dependent lifestyle. Laurén and Chris share how to transition your current office job or remote-ready job to come with you on the road. She gives advice on how to make it happen and shares insights about working on the road in general.

What Chris and Laurén Chat About:

  • Why Laurén decided to take her job remote

  • Preparing to ask to work remotely (or stay remote)

  • Taking stock of your skills and key performance indicators (KPI)

  • Asking your supervisor to go remote; negotiating

  • Productivity in an office vs. on the road

  • Setting your own schedule

  • Loneliness in remote work

  • Hotspots vs. wifi

  • Having multiple sources of income

“I was completely the manager of my own stress level… if the day was stressing me out, because I was working part time, I could go ‘yup, I’m done at 11 today, I’m signing offline, I’ll be driving in the van for three hours, I won’t have cell service’ and that was a really valuable part of the transition”

“I didn’t work on Fridays at all, that was a big thing for my quality of life, to be done at 11 or noon on Thursday and not have to go back until five or six in the morning on Monday…”

To reach out to Laurén you can find her on instagram at or her website

Watch her tour video below


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