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Carpenter Renovated Camper- Single Solo Female RV Life

Mandy and her dog Opal have been living in her converted RV for the last three years! This RV design aesthetic showcases a bohemian vibe with tons of storage, and an oversized queen bed. The marine style office/table provides the ability for Mandy to be versatile in her tiny space and is perfect for dining or working from home. The shower and custom built vanity in her camper are a must-see for both design and functionality. Mandy did a great job in optimizing space within her camper, and the idea of using the back of her camper as a large projector screen is awesome. Thanks for the tour Mandy and Opal, check it out below.

Mandy and Opal have traveled all across Canada and the US in their renovated camper.

Her kitchen features a large 3-way fridge, 3-burner cooktop, 40 gallon water tank, microwave, and ample storage space.

Mandy works remotely and travels full time on the road.

Her camper is a Class C 2001 Chevrolet Four Winds motorhome. The interior was redesigned by Nick’s Custom Woodworks in North Florida. She is 22 feet, powered electrically or by a generator, and WiFi-equipped.

She has an oversized bed - queen width but longer than a King! Mandy decided to cover up the front overhang window where the bed is with insulation and cute wallpaper for a cozier and more restful sleep.

Her bathroom features a custom wood countertop with bowl sink, a full size shower with skylight, and a toilet.

You can find Mandy and Opal at:

Her Website -

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