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Living and Working on the Road in a 2003 Class C RV

Diana and Alex decided to live and travel in an RV after a few too many beers one night! They knew they loved to travel after spending time traveling together and wanted more, but also knew that they didn't have a savings that would allow them to get on the road and stay there. Diana and Alex purchased and renovated a 2003 Class C RV into their full time home on wheels! Check out their adorable home below and learn more about how they make it possible to live on the road full time:

While looking for ways to make money on the road, Alex and Diana discovered work camping, which is when people travel to specific places to work for a short period of time. The stays are usually 2-4 months. Sometimes they're paid and sometimes your work is in exchange for parking and utilities, but it allows people who don't have a huge savings to get on the road and make road-life less expensive. It also allows you to become a part of the fabric of a community rather than racing across the country and there's something to be said for that kind of travel.

To follow along with Diana, Alex, and their dog Zuri, check them out at the links below:

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