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Renovating a Vintage Camper into a Full Time Tiny House on Wheels

What’s in Today’s Episode

Chris and Jessy discuss what it is like renovating a vintage camper van. Jessy renovated her vintage Commander by herself and lives full time on the road with her cat. She shares hacks for saving money during your RV renovation and lessons from three years on the road.

"Paint and contact paper goes a long way! Bringing in your own décor and paint can really change a lot."

What Chris and Jessy Chat About

  • Why Jessy chose to renovate a vintage camper

  • Finding a vintage RV to renovate, what to look for before you buy

  • Cost to renovate her RV

  • Mechanical considerations for purchasing an older vehicle

  • Advice for people looking into vintage rigs

"If you’re going to get an older rig, you have to go into it being willing to work on it, otherwise you’ll probably going to be abandoning your house in a shop often and staying in hotels and it will totally suck."

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