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From International Travel to Roaming Skoolie Family

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Matt and Erika have lived in their custom-built school bus with their daughter young Shanti for three years. They discuss their decision to stop international travel and move into a school bus, the purchase and build process, what it’s like building out a second bus, having a child on the road, and even share some spicy details about their private life. Don’t miss this one!

What Matt, Erika, and Allison Chat About:

  • How Matt got Erika to stop backpacking and move into a bus

  • How they bought their first bus for $1

  • Selling their first bus and building out a new bus

  • Changes between their first and second bus builds

  • Dog nose versus flat nose/pusher bus

  • The best part about living tiny (the community!)

  • Figuring out bus motor issues

  • Buying from a bus dealer versus an individual

  • Retitling your vehicle as an RV for insurance

  • Finding a place to build out their new bus

  • What it’s like traveling full time with a toddler

  • Potty training on a composting toilet

  • Having sex in a tiny space when you live with your children

  • Growing intimacy in a tiny space; keeping your relationship healthy while living tiny

“…It still has a lot of character. You know, that’s the best thing about doing a bus rather than just buying an RV or something…the personality and the character of it, it’s likely truly ours.”

“I think that would be the biggest thing for me- making sure we are always around other people so that she’s not only taking instruction from mom and dad and not only learning from our example, that she gets to experience life with other people.”

Check out Matt and Erika's First Bus:

Follow them online at the links below:

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