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Couple Saves Money in College by Living Tiny

Daniel and Alicia are 20-year-old college students who decided to throw caution to the wind and go tiny to save money and customize their living environment. They bought an RV, renovated it for six months, and are happily living and learning!

Repurposing Saves Tons of Money

The couple went with a daybed instead of a couch so that guests could sleep comfortably when they came to visit. They have tons of storage- under the daybed, in the bathroom cabinets, and in the kitchen cabinets and drawers. Alicia saved money by home-making curtains from blankets from Target and using cute bamboo rods.

Their table expands for extra space and they avoided overcrowding the walls to give an open, spacious vibe. They did have a special piece of metal art made from Colorado that reminds Alicia of home. Alicia’s favorite part of the whole RV is her coffee station. She LOVES coffee and made a cute little cubby tucked away within a bookcase with that love in mind!

Make your Tiny More Homey by Including Things You Love

The couple revamped the kitchen, took out tons of cabinets, put in open shelving, extended the countertop, added tons of plants, and put up peel and stick tile. These little changes helped Alicia and Daniel feel like the space was theirs. They built a full-length desk that allows them to study in their own space simultaneously. Very important for college students!

The idea of getting an RV began when Daniel graduated high school and went to college. Daniel’s mom and stepfather had recently sold their home, bought an RV, and begun traveling. Daniel and Alicia decided to give it a try, too! The traveling would have to wait, but RV life could save them money and allow them to be together.

Unexpected Expenses Will Arise

They had some mold issues and leaks in the bathroom. To ameliorate the mold issues in the bedroom, they had to do extensive renovations. The couple paid $8,000 for the RV on Facebook marketplace and tried to keep it below $10,000 total, but they went over budget due to the mold issues.

The bathroom closet holds Daniel’s clothing and storage for bathroom items and drawer storage for other clothing. Their queen short bed was also lifted to allow for under-bed storage of shoes and tote storage. They DIY’d a sliding barn door for the bathroom from wood and tin. Vinyl plank flooring and a nice size sink with cabinet storage above and below round out the bathroom amenities.

Daniel and Alicia love their new tiny home and plan to have many years of comfort while completing their college training and many years of travel afterward. Life is an open road for them and they are prepared to wring every ounce of enjoyment that they can out of it.

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