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Sean Lavilla's Journey from Military Service to a Life on the Road

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

In today's episode...

Tiny Home Tours founder Chris Penn and Sean Lavilla dive into Sean's fascinating nomadic lifestyle. From his military background to fully embracing truck camper life, Sean takes us on a journey filled with unique experiences. The conversation explores remote work, income strategies, personal development, entrepreneurship, and the nuanced choices that come with an unconventional lifestyle. Tune in to discover valuable insights on successfully transitioning to a nomadic life and  overcoming the challenges it brings. Click here for a full transcript of this week's episode!

Chris & Sean discuss:

  • Sean's journey from the military to nomad life

  • Safety tips for life on the road

  • Sean's recommendations for high paying remote work

  • Mindset and overcoming life's challenges

  • Future pursuits in the restaurant industry

  • Tips for taking the leap into nomad life

Follow Sean on Instagram: @Livinlavillaloca

To contact Sean directly email:

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Recommended reading from Sean & Chris:

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