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Life on the Road in a Beautiful Class C Motorhome: This Couple is Called To Wander!

Lindsay and Chris travel with their dogs in a 1999 Shasta Cheyenne Class C RV that they DIY renovated. Chris jokes that Lindsay was the brains of the renovations and he was the brawn who made it happen! They chose a class C because they wanted more space than they had in their previous truck camper.

Lindsay’s design includes all her must-haves from amazing butcher block countertops to a deep one basin sink, as well as a magnetic knife rack and a cute black and white patterned tile backsplash to give the kitchen some coziness and texture.The original stove was in great shape, so they kept it and made a butcher block cover to expand the counter space.

Travel Satisfies a Primal Need in Many Road Travelers

Travel has been in Chris and Lindsay’s bones since before they even met. He backpacked around the world and she was traveling also, when they met on a mission trip to Cuba. They were married within 9 months!

“We want to encourage as many people to explore the part of their soul or their spirit or just their hobbies or passions…travel just does amazing things for people!

Aesthetics Can Make a Tiny Home More Cozy

The bedroom in this class C has some cool features including a DIY’d laundry chute in the floor allows the dirty laundry to be stored and retrieved from outside the RV. Tons of cabinet space make the bedroom functional and comfy. Lindsay painted the cabinets a bright white giving the room an airy open vibe. The queen size bed is just the right size for them to snuggle into. She even crafted and cut a design for the sliding wood doors to give them some pizzazz!

The bathroom is also very airy and light with the white and black tile and butcher block countertops to match the kitchen. An Oxygenix showerhead gives them tons of water pressure but uses less water, so it’s a win, win! They even made their own composting toilet and love it.

Chris and Lindsey have a large living room with tons of space for working and living. The couch Chris made himself houses their four 160-watt solar panels and three 140 Ah AGM batteries underneath, as well as serving as an extra fold away bed. They gave up the overcab bed to make it a standing workstation for Chris and it’s just the right height.

There are Tons of Ways to Fund Road Travel

To pay for this lifestyle that they love, they have a YouTube channel, stop and work when they need to, and do some consulting on the side. They live frugally, and boondocking saves money and gives them beautiful views! They love the life they’re leading and have no plans to slow down.

Watch their full tour below:

Instagram @calledtowander

Facebook: CalledToWander

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