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Single Parenting on the Road: Mother and Daughter Vanlife

What’s in Today’s Episode

Natasha lives full time in her DIY camper van with her six-year-old daughter, Rowyn. Her journey to vanlife shows that if you go for it, the lifestyle is worth the effort! Some people let obstacles keep them from living their tiny home dreams, Tash did not. Ally and Natasha discuss her transition to vanlife, what it’s like parenting on the road, downsizing, working and schooling with vanlife, and more.

During this episode we experience a few technical difficulties, please pardon the minor audio glitches!

“I have a lot more stuff than I even use…as I dug into my closets and into storage and things like that, I realized I don’t even use some of the stuff that I was going to use, and I haven’t seen it or touched it in over a year. So it was really freeing actually to start giving things away”

What Ally and Tasha Chat About:

  • What it’s like being a single mom on the road

  • How her daughter has adjusted to vanlife

  • Semi-stationary vanlife and co-parenting

  • Downsizing into and in the van

  • Dating on the road

  • Similarities between being an EMT and vanlife

  • Moving into a van during a pandemic

  • Safety as a female vanlifer

“She was kind of the icebreaker…I think she has been more excited about vanlife ever since that trip than even I was! I had moments of fear, you know me thinking of the pros and the cons and all these things and she doesn’t care. To her…vanlife equals adventure and fun and meeting new friends and that’s all she could talk about and think about.”

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