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Sixteen Border Crossings, a Thirty-Nine Foot School Bus and One Shared Passion: The Making of Noovo Vans

In today's episode...

Join Ayana in this episode as she chats with Paul Aubert, a co-founder of Noovo Vans. Discover the fascinating confluence of entrepreneurship and travel that propelled Paul and his close friend Benoit to transform a school bus into the ultimate "hotel on wheels" and embark on a remarkable journey from San Diego to Buenos Aires, spanning 16 countries. Paul shares valuable insights and advice on international travel, as well as some wacky stories from their journey. Tune in to unravel the intriguing narrative of how this epic road trip served as the catalyst for three Frenchies to dream up Noovo Vans, their innovative van conversion company.

Paul & Ayana Discuss:

  • How Paul became interested in travel and nomadic living

  • Entrepreneurship, travel and the birth of the hotel on wheels 

  • Advice for those interested in traveling internationally 

  • Going from the ultimate roadtrip to van conversion company

  • The 3 biggest lessons Paul has learned through the twists and turns of entrepreneurship 

To learn more about Noovo Vans follow them on social media:

Instagram: @Noovovans

Facebook: @Noovovans

YouTube: @Noovovans

Or, check out their website at:

To contact Paul directly email:

Tour one of Noovo's vans:

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