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The Highs and Lows of Social Media Influencing

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Chris and Linnea discuss her transition to vanlife, going viral on TikTok, deciding to start a YouTube channel, working with brands for paid partnerships, and all of the ups and downs of working as a content creator and social media influencer.

“I think people love to watch any progress; I’ve found that across all platforms with literally anything. It could be a cooking video or whatever, any progress is what people want to watch…those always do better than any vlog video.”

What Chris and Linnea Chat About:

  • How Linnea got on the road and learned about vanlife

  • Her journey to becoming a social media influencer and content creator

  • Starting her health coaching business

  • Deciding to start a YouTube channel and then transitioning to TikTok

  • How putting content on TikTok grew her YouTube channel

  • What she likes and dislikes about TikTok versus other social media platforms

  • Deciding which brand partnerships to accept and which to decline because they don’t fit you

  • Determining your value on social media for paid partnerships

  • How much time actually goes into vlogging or creating other types of video content on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok

  • Finding joy in what you do

  • How being an athlete has translated into having a strong drive and work ethic

  • Advice she would give people thinking about starting a YouTube channel or becoming a content creator

  • How do you create boundaries around your personal life while also helping your fans to feel connected to you personally

  • Dealing with negative comments on social media

  • How long she plans on being a content creator, what would cause her to stop

  • What she thinks she’ll be in five years

“The reality is that there is no rule book for this and that is really hard. I think it’s beneficial to a lot of the companies that there is no rule book and somebody that could be doing the same thing as me, they could be paying way less or way more and we’ll never know that.”

“You cannot care what people think of you. You just have to put yourself out there and that’s very scary.

Follow Linnea on instagram @linnea.and.akela

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