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Designing Your Dream Off Grid Solar Setup with Scott Wyrick

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

In today's episode...

Tiny Home Tours team member Ayana sits down to chat with solar expert Scott Wyrick. Scott is in his fifth year of nomadic living and is the founder of Nomad Solar, a company that helps people design, build and maintain their solar setups.

"I'm not the gatekeeper of information, I just happen to have it all in my head."
"We're all in it together. I'm a big proponent of living this life so whatever keeps us all on the road--I'm all in for it."

-Scott Wyrick

Scott & Ayana discuss:

  • How a solar setup works

  • AC vs. DC power

  • How to properly size your solar setup

  • Where to save and spend your money when it comes to solar

  • Lithium vs. lead acid batteries

  • Top tips for fire safety in your setup

Products recommended by Scott:

  • Lumos (an app that helps track the sun so you can angle your rig for maxumum solar)

  • Solar panel recycler Santan Solar

  • Recommended lithium batteries--WEIZE

To learn more about Scott Wyrick and Nomad Solar you can visit his Instagram profile @nomad_solar_official or Facebook page Nomad Solar. To reach Scott directly you can email him at

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