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Solo Female Vanlife: An Indiana Girl and her Dogs Chasing Their Dreams on the Road

Sydney lives and traveles in a 2017 Ford Transit van with her two dogs, Ella and Pearl. She knew when she was a junior in college and was working an 80 hour work week and attending school full time that this wasn’t the life she wanted. That’s when she figured out what it can take others half their lives to figure out, that she didn’t want to go the regular 9-to-5 route or be tied down to an apartment or home!

“This lifestyle did genuinely save my life! It forces you every day to make so many choices, so many decisions. Every move you make, you are in control of that choice!”

Pets Can Maximize Satisfaction and Comfort on the Road

Sydney’s power is sourced from 400 watts of Renogy solar panels on the roof. When beginning vanlife she used blankets over her back windows for insulation and privacy but has upgraded to Vanmade Gear back window covers to improve the look. These covers are insulated and look cleaner, so it was a win, win situation!

A must-have for Sydney was a large bed to accommodate her and the dogs! Sydney doesn’t have a shower or hot water in the van, but she does have a solar shower she can use when she’s out on public land. She has a small, inexpensive 2.5 gallon cassette toilet from Walmart that she can use at night.

You CAN Bring it With You: Reminders of ‘Home’ are Important in Road Travel

Sydney’s van has a beautiful kitchen that she has decorated to remind her of home in Indiana. Her kitchen has a small induction cooktop, tons of Mason jar storage displayed on open shelving, a tile backsplash from a small business in Indiana, and corrugated metal from the roof of her van builder’s barn! She loves her pocket door that separates the front and back that makes her feel safe, which is important being a solo female traveler.

Her bedroom area has amazing reclaimed wood walls that she loves and remind her of home! The difference in texture and color make the space feel separate and give it contrast. Her over the bed cabinets house everyday use items so that they are easy to get to.

Sydney loves living this life on the road and her final piece of advice is:

“We’re all going to be REALLY passionate about something and something that we’re going to do and we’re going to love! And you need to find THAT thing! Do it now! Stop spending 3, 5, 7 years of research and just like buy a van and figure it out as you go!”

Watch Sydney's full tour below:

Follow her on instagram @divineontheroad

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