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Taking The Leap Into Nomad Life with Parish Skoolie

In today's episode...

Chris is joined by Amber & Eli of Parish Skoolie! The couple shares their journey from transitioning into a nomadic lifestyle by living and working in a bus yard in Alice, Texas. They discuss overcoming the challenges of the bus conversion process, the importance of just taking the leap into an imperfect situation, and the lessons they've learned from their experiences. Listen as they share their insights on bus mechanics, the value of community, and their potential future plans for a mobile mechanic service. This interview is packed with practical advice and insights for anyone considering a nomadic lifestyle. Click here for a full transcript of this week's episode!

Chris, Amber & Eli discuss:

  • Their transition from traditional life to living tiny

  • The journey of finding & fixing their bus

  • Upsides & drawbacks of a roof raise

  • The challenges & rewards of living buslife

  • The importance of taking action despite imperfections

  • Designing & building a bus as a couple

  • The importance of proper planning and persistence

  • Their future plans for nomad life

Follow Amber & Eli on Instagram: @ParishSkoolie

Visit their YouTube channel: @ParishSkoolie

Check out Amber & Eli's TikTok: @ParishSkoolie

Visit their Facebook page: @ParishSkoolie

To reach out to Eli for mechanical advice & consulting visit:

@Asked_Eli on Instagram

Tour The Parish Skoolie:

Check out Amber & Eli's YouTube channel:

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