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Talking Skoolielife with Bus Roof Raise Expert, Wess Lewis

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Chris has a conversation with his business partner and close friend Wess Lewis. They discuss how Wess decided to live in a school bus, how they started their business, and offer lots of advice for prospective skoolie dwellers.

“My bus, personally, is the largest project I’ve ever taken on for myself. I had to wear so many hats, you know, you’ve got to be an electrician, a plumber, a metal fab guy, there’s so many hats you have to wear.”

What Chris and Wess Chat About:

  • What led Wess to want to live in a school bus

  • Starting to do school bus roof raises professionally

  • What he would do differently in his bus if he could start over

  • Bus engines and transmissions, how that effects driving

  • Buying a bus from a place that salts the ground versus somewhere warm

  • Adding a window into the “transition area” on your roof raise

  • How Chris and Wess met and began working together

  • Making money on the road with the skills he already has

  • Starting their business together

  • Why there are so many half-converted buses available

  • How to come up with a good layout for your bus

  • Where he sees their shop going in the next few years

  • What advice Wess would give to people looking to get into this lifestyle

“Go ahead and draw that line on the ground and take that step over it and don’t look back…just keep moving forward, things will fall into place, you’ll figure things out as you go…and if they don’t, guess what you can do? You can always just go right back to where you were before. Without taking that chance you never know what you’re going to experience.”

Watch Wess' Tiny Home Tours!

Follow along or contact Wess at the following links-

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