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Everything you Need to Know About Taxes as a Digital Nomad or RV dweller

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Chris and Heather get into the nitty gritty about filing your taxes as a digital nomad, remote worker, or workcamper. She touches on solar credit, setting up your domicile, retirement, and more.

What Chris and Heather Chat About:

  • Can you claim part of your RV/tiny home for a home office deduction?

  • Can you claim any part of your rig for a tax deduction?

  • What things are red flags for the IRS

  • What states are good for nomads to set up their LLCs or their domicile

  • Minimum income threshold to file taxes as someone who is self employed

  • 1099 vs W2 contractor or employee

  • Receiving credit for installing solar

  • Unemployment as a gig worker or self-employed individual

  • Retirement contributions as a self-employed individual

“There absolutely are benefits and retirement as a self-employed individual, there are lots of options for contributing to retirement, it’s just on you, because you are your own employer.”

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