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The Changing Realities of Vehicle Residency with Anthropologist Dr. Graham Pruss

In today's episode...

Tiny Home Tours founder Chris Penn sits down to chat with Anthropologist Dr. Graham Pruss. Dr. Pruss is a co-founder of the National Vehicle Residency Collective and has been working with folks who live in their vehicles for over a decade. The two give us a glimpse into the changing enforcement of laws pertaining to vanlife, the impact of this work on Dr. Pruss's mental health, and the various programs created to support folks living in vehicles.

“Vehicle residents are using their private property to solve the housing do we understand what that tell us about our society? Looking upstream that tells us things about labor markets, housing markets, and about larger politics at play... ”

(From left to right--Dr. Pruss & Bob Wells)

In this episode Chris & Dr. Pruss discuss:

  • Dr. Pruss's current project in San Jose

  • Changing enforcement of legalities surrounding vanlife

  • How Dr. Pruss got into this work and how it impacts his mental health

  • Survey work with vehicle dwellers

  • Settlement biases

  • Two specific tales from the road

To learn more about Dr. Pruss and the work he does with the National Vehicle Residency Collective visit: or email Dr. Pruss directly at To search for safe parking programs in your area visit Learn more about the Home on Wheels Alliance (HOWA) here: To learn about the HOWA nomad emergency fund visit:

www. Click below to watch recordings from the National Vehicle Residency Collective Summit!

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