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The Financial Side of Tiny Living with Laura Lynch

In today's episode...

Ayana sits down with Laura Lynch, a seasoned financial advisor specializing in empowering individuals to embrace minimalism and the tiny house movement. Laura delves into her transition from the corporate realm to focusing on financial guidance for those intrigued by tiny living. She expertly navigates the unique dynamics of this niche market, addressing misconceptions surrounding home equity, legal and financial considerations of tiny house ownership, strategies for financing such homes, and the necessity of meticulous planning and discipline in pursuing the minimalist lifestyle.

Laura also sheds light on her tailored services for both aspiring and current minimalists, offering invaluable insights into the financial dimensions of downsizing. Tune in to gain profound understanding of the financial intricacies inherent in the journey towards a minimalist, tiny living lifestyle.

Click here for a full transcript of this week's episode!

Ayana & Laura Discuss:

  • How Laura's tiny living journey began

  • The complexities of legalizing a tiny home on your own land

  • Laura's transition from the corporate world to the niche of tiny living finance

  • Common stumbling blocks (psychologically & financially) for folks looking to pivot to tiny living

  • The myth of home equity

  • Creating a flexible nest egg, and the potential power of investing outside of the traditional mortgage framework

  • Financing a tiny home--tips & tricks

  • Practical financial tips to help you pivot to tiny living

  • Laura's offerings, the podcast and more!

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