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Living the Good Life in a Tiny Chalet RV

Sara and her dog, Sanders, live, work, and travel in their tiny 60-square-foot Chalet RV tiny home. At the time of filming, she had been living in her Chalet for about eight months with three of those on the road. She chose this amazing RV for many reasons; it was lightweight, towable with her Subaru Forester, and was able to house everything that she needed…it was, indeed, the perfect choice for her tiny, freedom-filled lifestyle.

Working from the road is a breeze

In Sara’s tiny home, she has designated a small section with a foldable table she uses as her coffee table, workstation, and area for doing artwork. She can work from this table using her iPad to run her business back home. When she wants a change, she can work from her full-size bed in comfort.

Sara started her business two years ago and has grown to the point that she can partner with someone, hire some employees, and run her business from the road. Sara’s business is called Roots Art and Nature School. They teach kindergarten, first grade, and art to children!

"I’ve been traveling for a little bit now, and I get super inspired by the places I go!"

Fitness need not be sacrificed

Exercise is important to Sara, so her equipment was a must-have for her. She enjoys yoga and paddleboarding, always has her running pack at the ready, and bikes. She loves living an active lifestyle and is amazed at how much equipment can fit in her very small space.

This tiny RV has an amazing amount of storage: under bench seating, in the kitchen area, and tons of storage under the bed. She also has a night table with drawers that she uses for extra storage. This little A-frame Chalet even has a large garage space for storing bigger items and folds flat for towing, allowing Sara to tow it with no problems.

All you need are the basics

Sara’s kitchen has a double burner propane stove and a propane fridge with a small freezer. Sara uses portable water containers rather than filling the Chalet’s water tank and has a foldable solar panel she hangs on a handle outside to charge her Goal Zero and power her iPad, iPhone, and lights.

“I feel like the lifestyle is so simple that it allows me to focus on the things in life that really matter to me. I get to spend so much time outside and feel super connected to nature!”

Sara is chasing her dreams of living a life filled with excitement and satisfaction and couldn’t be happier. She plans to continue this beautiful life she’s built and wring every ounce of joy from her adventures that she is able!

Watch Sara’s unique tour below:

To follow her and Sanders on their adventures, Sara’s Instagram is @SaraMarissa

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