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Tiny Homeowner with a Passion for Plants in an Organic Farm Community

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Pam lives with her dog, Achilles, in a 399 square foot tiny home in a farm community called Village Farm in Austin, TX. She downsized into her current tiny home in stages, starting in a four bedroom two bath home, moving to a one bedroom apartment, and then into her current tiny home. She finds the purging process ‘exhilarating!’ She brought into her tiny home only possessions that were special to her, like the deer heads that belonged to her late father and her art. Pam recommends only bringing things that make you happy or give you comfort. She has a passion for plants and has them scattered throughout her space including an amazing succulent garden on the deck.

Sustainability in All Areas of Life Adds to Tiny Living Satisfaction

Sustainability is important to Pam and she tries to be environmentally conscious as much as possible, which makes living on an organic farm even more satisfying. To further this goal, she even uses the water her unvented dryer collects to water her plants!

A must-have for Pam was full-size multi purpose furniture with tons of storage! Her coffee table has a lift top and storage, as well as wheels to move it around to make room for her yoga practice. Another must-have for Pam was an entryway that allowed her to bring her things in and sit them down right away, while still keeping things looking neat and tidy!

Pam chose tiny living so that she could live alone and have her own space, have more money to travel, and rent out her home while she travels (making it even more affordable!) ‘Alternative lifestyles are not for everyone,’ but, in the end, make your own decision about whether you want to give this tiny lifestyle a try. Pam states, if it doesn’t work out, ‘You can always sell it!’

Like Minded Neighbors Add to Neighborhood Satisfaction in Tiny Communities

Pam’s office/dressing room/spare bedroom is where she works remotely as an insurance agent. She loves looking out onto ‘tiny town’ while she is working. She has a twin-size RV bed in this room for company if she needs it. Pam’s master bedroom loft is a cozy, decorated space. The amazing sunsets and high up feel that this space give just can’t be beat! She loves looking out over the farm from her tiny ‘treehouse!’

The front porch was another important space for her when decorating. Pam wanted a laid back, cozy atmosphere that people would feel comfortable in. Her huge ceiling fan provides much needed air circulation on hot Texas days. It also has a dimmer so she can further adjust the ambiance.

If you’d like to see Pam’s amazing tiny home or learn more about her, you can reach out to her on Instagram @PamPamStylin or @GotTinyStyle

Watch her full tiny home tour below:

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