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Tiny Home Community Giving Hope and a Leg Up to Homeless Veterans

Kansas City, Missouri-based Veterans Community Project, an agency founded by veterans for veterans, has gone above and beyond to get homeless veterans off the street and into permanent housing. The Veterans Community Project is constantly doing outreach to promote their tiny home villages. This tiny home community is one of several in the works in areas such as Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, St. Louis, Missouri, and Longmont, Colorado. These tiny homes have simple designs with everything needed to live comfortably.

Tiny Home Communities Serve Many Purposes

The veterans’ tiny homes are 240 square feet, environmentally friendly, ‘stick built’ homes on foundations with city water and sewer. Amenities specific to veterans designed right into the homes include one entrance so the veteran can always know who is coming and going, windows that are only on one side of the home for privacy, and low beds so they are easy to roll in and out of. As a bonus, they get to take the furniture and desk with them when they move on to permanent housing!

A Tiny Home Environment Can be Conducive to Personal Growth

It is well known that sharing space, goals, and fellowship in a safe environment helps veterans get back on their feet quicker! Adding to the support services offered is a 5000-square-foot community center with a doctor and dental offices, barber shop, fellowship hall, vet clinic, and training kitchen.

These types of tiny home communities are the wave of the future. The tiny home concept allows homeless veterans to be assisted in a private, secure environment that allows support and training as well as getting them off the streets and keeping down expenses.

Watch our tour of the Veterans Community Project below:

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