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Tiny Home Away from Home: Storage, Mobility & Luxury Abound

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Amanda Hale, her husband David, and their 3 children live part-time in a tiny home they have dubbed, Lilliputian, after the island of small people from Gulliver’s Travels. In this video, Amanda shows us around her home and shares with us some reasons why she loves her tiny home and is so happy that she got into tiny living. They had the home professionally built and they made some upgrades after it was completed. Amanda and her family have been in their current location for a little less than a year, they lease the lot and own their tiny home. She was impressed by the ease with which the home was able to be moved, it was brought in on wheels by a big pickup truck and placed on the lot where it currently stands. She expects that they will stay in their current location for a while, but if they decide to move it, she’s happy to know that it can be easily transported to a different location.

Tiny Home Kitchens Can Be Both Beautiful and Functional

Our tour of Amanda’s beautiful tiny home begins in the spacious kitchen. Amanda shares that she loves to cook and one of her desires for the tiny home was ample space to do so. This was one of her must-haves when they were making decisions regarding their tiny home. The roomy kitchen has many personal touches to include bottle cap magnets on the retro fridge that Amanda crafted herself from beverages that the family had consumed. Sticking with the crafting theme, the builders saved room on the kitchen countertop for some of her crafted items to be included in the actual countertop design. Trinkets that she had crafted were included in the corner of the countertop under epoxy and it is one of her favorite parts of the kitchen.

This tiny kitchen was built with open shelving as Amanda feels that the items on the shelves add to the décor. She enjoys looking at the items on the shelves, many of which are the copper that she loves. She also shares that the storage that is available in the bottom cabinets is plenty for their kitchen needs, so it allows them to stick with the open shelving concept on top. The backsplash is copper, as well as some of the items she displays with her open shelving.

With tiny home living, storage space is always in demand. Making the most of the usable space is a top priority. As such, they have storage in two of the steps as well as under the stairs leading to the master loft. Also under the stairs is a cozy little nook for their rescue dog, Snickets. In the main space, there is storage under the custom-crafted couch.

Amanda is a lover of the copper aesthetic, so it appears in many places in the design of the tiny home, from the kitchen backsplash and decor to the shower accessories and tile. The theme is even carried into the nightstand design in the master loft as well as the tin roof that is painted copper.

A Shower to Die for!

The bathroom in this tiny home is amazing and features all the amenities of a regular bathroom, plus some. The full-size shower with beautiful copper accents done in black is Amanda’s favorite part of this large bathroom. It has a very spacious design with plenty of deep shelving for linens tucked in the corner next to the shower. There is a tankless water heater and the bathroom also houses a combination washer/dryer that Amanda loves. The sink is an exquisite cobalt blue bowl with an intricate mirror that accents it perfectly.

Sleeping Arrangements in Amanda’s Tiny Home

As we all know, tiny living can present a variety of challenges, only one of which is the sleeping arrangements for the household occupants. This can be challenging to address and overcome. The sleeping arrangements in this home are all lofted. The kids have a loft with a sloped ceiling. All three kids can fit on the bed, which is a large air mattress, but only 2 of the 3 sleep there at one time because they are prone to arguing and fighting. To reach the kid’s loft, there are lily pad steps. They call them this because of the Lilliputian name and lily theme carried throughout the tiny home. The kids love these steps and use them not only for getting to their loft, but they’ve devised a way to utilize them for seating while eating their meals.

The master loft is a little smaller than that of the children but has a Tempurpedic mattress, a river view, and a little more privacy. There are nightstands on each side of the bed that have been crafted to match the shower tiles with copper accents. Lights on each side of the bed allow for reading or any other activities that require light. They also have outlets to charge their phones by the bed. There is a drawback though, as they must crawl in and out of the bed due to the low ceiling. This also makes it difficult to make the bed, but it’s beautiful when made.

This is tiny home living at its finest! From Amanda’s spacious kitchen to her beautiful and functional bathroom, this home shows that tiny home living need not be limiting. One truly can have it all, the convenience and mobility of a tiny home with all the luxuries of a full-sized home.

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