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Tiny Home in Rustic Mountain Setting Merges Outside and Inside Spaces Perfectly

Spencer and Bella live with their daughter in Boulder Creek, CA in a beautiful tiny home they designed to their own specifications. They chose this lifestyle to get away from the exorbitant rents in the Bay area and to have something they could call their own!

The couple had some initial goals in mind for their tiny home...“marrying the outdoor space with the indoor space,” which they accomplished by using tons of windows and natural lighting, as well as glass doors that open to the outside, allowing the two spaces to become one! The beautiful outside deck is an extension of the inside space. They have gorgeous views of sunsets, sunrises, and the Santa Cruz mountains each and every day.

Tiny Lifestyles Have Many Advantages

The second goal they were focusing on was creating “a tiny house without the downsides of going tiny!” They wanted their home to have all the comforts of a regular size home. In keeping with this goal, they installed a professional size five-burner range and full-size vent hood. The kitchen also has a drawer dishwasher that Spencer swears by and a washer/dryer combo. By putting the washer/dryer in the kitchen, they freed up space for a walk-in closet in the bathroom. Tiny living is all about compromises!!

Their absolute favorite room in the house is their amazing bedroom. A huge portrait window and two side windows give the feeling of actually being outdoors when they lie back in their king-size bed. The walls seem to disappear, and the white ceiling with black background adds to this by seeming to flow into infinity!

Their great room is all windows and light! They use a small bar table that seats three for eating and working, and there is additional desk space in the hallway if they want to work more privately. Also, in the hallway is the ladder to their daughter’s loft space, laid out in an L-shape. Windows abound in the loft area too, and the mountain vistas are amazing.

Windows Make Spaces Feel Much Bigger

The bathroom aesthetic is focused on the beautiful shower. Riverstone pebbles make up the shower floor, and the Nebia showerhead makes showering a spa-like experience. The toilet is a waterless Separett and a tulip sink rounds out the zen vibe in the bathroom.

As mentioned before, moving the washer/dryer to the kitchen allowed them to have space for a huge walk-in closet in the bathroom that is able to hold all of the family's clothing. Bella discusses downsizing her clothing and shares that,

“One of the key realizations that made it so much easier was realizing that, if I have less objects, I can invest more in them!”

This couple is pleased beyond measure with their tiny home! The location, function, and financial independence it has provided them can’t be beaten.

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