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Tiny Home Legality & The Future of Tiny Homes

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Today’s episode is all about living tiny LEGALLY. Chris chats with Kristina Smallhorn, a licensed real estate agent in the state of Louisiana. She specializes in all types of small, tiny and affordable housing options in her home market of Baton Rouge.

What Kristina and Chris Chat About:

  • Tiny housing has become more legitimate in the last 5 years. Surprisingly with an older set of folks looking for simplicity and more freedom.

  • Larger cities with denser populations can affect how flexible the city is in allowing tiny homes as housing options.

  • What is a “granny flat”?

  • Kristina’s personal experience with creating tiny home properties around Baton Rouge.

  • What is behind the hesitancy in establishing tiny home communities in some rural areas.

  • ‘Mixed use’ property types could offer the best legality for placing a tiny home for rental/income purposes.

  • Legalities for off-grid use. Specifically issues regarding electrical setup and sewage.

  • How can we present the tiny living or tiny home idea to get a “YES”.

  • Is it difficult to get zoning changed with the city.

  • Educating local citizens on the benefits of welcoming a tiny home community into their town.

  • The elder population could help usher in legitimacy for tiny home communities in areas that aren’t so keen to explore this option for affordable minimalist housing.

  • Is America headed toward becoming a ‘renting’ nation?

  • Kristina’s prediction for the future of tiny homes in 5 years.

“There’s a group of people… that if you’re changing the landscape of a town that they’ve always known and loved, in a different way that they can’t imagine, then they’re gonna fight you on it. So it’s up to you to educate them.”

“There’s so much to learn outside your bubble. Your eyes are opened once you walk out that door. The more you stay inside the more closed-minded you become.”

Follow along with Kristina on her instagram & YouTube account below!

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