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Top Tiny House Building Questions Answered by a Professional Tiny Home Builder

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Greg Parham is the manager and designer of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, a professional tiny home builder located in Durango, Colorado. Ally and Greg discuss the most pressing questions Greg receives a builder from towing capacity, how to finance a tiny house, what it is like hiring a builder, how to find parking, and much more!

“…keep it as a rental, and now it is a true investment, whether you’re doing a monthly rental or a nightly rental, they are getting income from that tiny house.”

What Greg and Ally Chat About:

  • What most people forget about when building a tiny home

  • All about towing capacity

  • Process around financing a tiny home vs. a traditional home

  • Is a tiny house a good investment?

  • How long it takes to build a tiny house

  • What the process of hiring a builder is like

  • Best material for framing a tiny home

  • What materials last the longest?

  • How to find parking for your tiny house

  • Legal tiny homes in La Plata county, Colorado

“It’s not a mortgage, that’s the first thing to understand…it’s going to be treated as either a personal loan or something along the line of an RV or boat loan.”

See inside one of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses builds!

If you are interested in contacting Greg for a tiny house build or want to see more of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses amazing work, check out the links below.


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