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Building a Tiny House and Creating Income with Rentals

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Bela and Ally sit down to discuss tiny living. Bela shares how she and her family went tiny, turning their tiny home into a successful Airbnb rental, the devastation of their home to California wildfires in 2020, and how they are reshaping their lives.

“More than anything we wanted our tiny house to not feel like a tiny house. We wanted it to feel like a normal home that just kinda happened to be small.”

What Bela and Ally Chat About:

  • How Bela and her family began living tiny

  • Hiring a builder for their tiny house

  • How to find a tiny house builder and what questions to ask

  • What she would have changed about her tiny home

  • How to find a place to park their tiny home

  • Getting utilities to your tiny home

  • Outgrowing their tiny home and evolving

  • How to start making income by renting your tiny home through Airbnb

  • Financing a tiny house, cost to park your tiny home

  • Losing their tiny home to a wildfire

  • Trying to insure your tiny home

  • Bela and Spencer's next chapter

“That’s one of the tough things about a tiny house beyond design. There’s the financing and the parking, and of course the sort of weird, gray zone legal status”

See where Spencer and Bela's journey takes them next and learn more at the links below:


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