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Tiny Living Allows Young Couple to Realize Retirement Dreams Now

Becka and Jason live and work from their self-built tiny home, YLD (pronounced wild), a 2022 Ford F150 with a slide-in/out camper topper. Their CAD-designed tiny space has clean lines and planned space for everything to reduce clutter and keep the one aisle through their space passable. They chose to start their travels early instead of waiting for retirement because, “We want to have something to look back on, you know, down the road when we’re older!”

Their tiny kitchen area has a must-see drop-down cooktop that tucks away when not in use, as well as a sliding mirror that hides a medicine cabinet behind the small, but deep kitchen sink that doubles as a prep area. A mister nozzle on the faucet extends their 20-gallon water supply so that it can last a couple of weeks.

Careful Planning is Essential in Tiny Living

The couple’s composting toilet is hidden in a cubby under the sink and is actually on a spinning platform, so they can use it comfortably. An emergency shower setup is on board, also, but is rarely used. It’s amazing how many things can be tucked away in such a tiny space.

The wheel wells on the truck posed a challenge that had to be worked around and they crafted a nice couch on one side and storage on the other over the top of these. Across from the kitchen area are storage cabinets, made with black powder-coated tracks and lightweight metal doors that slide to reveal storage for clothing, kitchen items, and their computers and internet connections.

Their DIY couch has two small mounted tables that can be moved to allow workspace or space to share dinner. The couch cushions double as toppers for the bed extensions, which are necessary due to Jason’s height. Under the bed, there is an emergency pass-through, difficult but doable, that allows access to the cab of the truck.

Their couple’s dog loves traveling, although she’s very active. They joke that they are going on a ‘dog park tour of the U.S.!’

Technology Makes Tiny Living Easier

The couple utilized lots of nifty high-tech hacks in their build; they have cameras inside and out, a smart thermostat, voice-controlled lights, and sliding solar panels that can be controlled remotely. Since this build was square, unlike their former van build, the CAD planning was much easier and the build went more smoothly. They had to be very careful, as weight was a huge factor in this build, so they used expanded PVC and aluminum composite throughout to keep the weight down.

Building Materials Can Help Control Weight

The couple couldn’t be more pleased with how their new build turned out. They love their space, there are challenges, as with any type of tiny living. The pros and cons are going to be individualized and different for every person. All in all, the pros far outweigh the cons and they wouldn’t change a thing!

See this amazing couple’s full tour here:

Follow them on Instagram @decidetheyld

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