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Retirement Dreams Made Possible by Tiny Living

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Hilary lives in a tiny home that she had built as part of her retirement plan. She is a single mother who raised three children on her own, so had limited opportunities to invest in a typical 401k during her working years. When Hilary’s children were grown, she found herself nearing retirement without a nest egg, so she was “forced to think outside the box!” Hilary chose tiny home living as the solution to her problem. Now she has a forever home and no mortgage!!

Tiny Home Ambiance Contributes to Enjoyment

The main space of her tiny home has a convertible couch that can be rearranged into a double bed when Hilary has company over. Originally, the house was done in all natural wood tones, but she had the builders paint the walls white to give it an airy, light feeling. Hillary loves her bright red door leading into the house, as well as the dark blinds that block out heat on hot summer days! Cute red throw pillows accent the dark couch to complete the color story.

“Dream Big!! This started as a dream and most of the people I knew weren’t on board, and now they are like, wow, pretty good deal! So, dream your dreams, make it happen, be positive! Start a notebook, that’s how I got started!”

Innovative Tiny Home Storage Spaces Can Be Fun

Storage is a must have with a tiny home and Hilary’s home doesn’t disappoint! There is storage under the couch, storage in the kitchen specifically for her Kitty Condo and Coffee Corner, as well as storage in her 2nd loft, and her shed outside! Hilary even has extra storage cabinets in the bathroom! She jokes and says that she “kinda cheated” by having the 10 x 12 storage shed in her backyard.

Tiny Lifestyle Trade-Offs Allow More Satisfaction

Hilary’s kitchen is one of her favorite rooms, she chose the backsplash and countertops, as well as the cabinet colors. She had a washer put in where her dishwasher would have been and has never regretted that decision!

The main sleeping loft has a set of stairs with a very sturdy handrail, she also added stair treads with grip for added safety for herself and her dog. Hilary and the animals sleep on a queen-size bed in the master loft and the 2nd loft is used for storage. She loves to gaze out of the three large windows in the loft while lying in bed. There is a great view of the outside and a cross breeze that is like sleeping under the stars!

When Hilary’s home was brought in, the backyard needed some TLC. It took her 18 months and a lot of work, but it’s a beautiful work of art now. Attractive pavers, artificial turf, a to-die-for deck, and exquisite furniture for seating round out this beautiful home in the desert. Hilary and her animals are living the tiny life and couldn’t be happier!

Check out the full tour of Hilary's tiny home here:

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