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Tiny Talks: Bus Life with Liesel and Stu

Updated: May 23, 2022

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Welcome to our new short-form podcast episodes- Tiny Talks! The normal podcast that you know and love will still be here, but occasionally we are also going to share interviews from our tour videos and short stories from the tiny living community in this new, quick, digestible format.

Today’s Tiny Talk features Liesel and Stu, skoolie dwellers who believe the devil is in the detail. They chat about building out their bus, their long-term goals, and advice for future nomads.

“We just had to keep on chugging and not freak out about the scale of the project because we would want to put a lot of beauty and detail into a small thing and then it would feel insane building a bookshelf for four days…how are we ever going to make it to the bed, you know? How are we ever going to finish the kitchen at this rate…but we just kept pushing and pushing and pushing and we finished the bus…”

What Liesel, Stu, and Chris Chat About:

  • Moving at their own pace to build out their bus

  • How important the dream of building out the bus was to them

  • Their long-term goals and how living and traveling in the bus furthers that

  • Advice for people looking to get on the road and build out their own rig

“Since you can customize it, however you need to customize it for yourself, you can really feel comfortable in a small space.”

Contact Liesel and Stu on Instagram:

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