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Tiny Talks: The Wandering Wings

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Kristine and Brandon took a canceled 2020 vacation to Peru and turned their life into one of full-time van travel! They discuss how they make money on the road, what vanlife is actually like, and how their relationship has changed.

What Kristine, Brandon, and Chris chat about:

  • How Kristine and Brandon ended up living on the road

  • Transitioning into remote work; finding a new remote position

  • Why they chose a van over something larger or something already built

  • Perceptions of vanlife versus the reality

  • How their relationship has changed because of vanlife

  • What personal growth they’ve achieved so far

  • Advice for future vanlifers

“You’re not always going to be in some place that’s beautiful and magical…sometimes you’re going to be stuck in a city, next to the freeway with cars honking and all that kind of stuff.”

“As a couple, we were able to kind of learn each other’s thinking styles and how our brains work in a way that I don’t think we ever would have figured out had we not decided to basically build a house [together].”

Watch the full van tour below:

Follow along with Kristine and Brandon:

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