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Tiny Home in Organic Farm Community Facilitates Retirement Satisfaction

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Brandy Beverly lives in a Texas tiny home community in a house dubbed ‘Tiny Tumble’. It is a Tumbleweed model made by Platinum Cottages. This home stands in a laid back, casual, organic farm community. Brandy has lived here since January of 2021 and loves her new tiny home, as well as the residents and atmosphere of the community. There are many advantages to living on an organic farm, for volunteering their time, the residents are rewarded with organic vegetables grown on-site!

Brandy loves her tiny community and the relationships that she has formed with the other residents!

“It just has brought together a group of people who are like-minded when it comes to the way we grow our food, the way we eat, the way we live…It’s just a really nice way to live!”

Tiny Homes Can be Made Your Own

Brandy changed many things about her build, including ordering her own countertops and even hand-crafted a kitchen island countertop from butcher block! She cut, stained, and added a drop leaf completely on her own!! Her full-size kitchen appliances allow her to do what she loves: cook and feed people in the community. She places cooked dishes on a long farm table on her front porch so that the neighbors can bring their own containers to enjoy the bounty!

Open Concept Provides Feeling of Roominess Even in Small Spaces

Brandy’s favorite room in her tiny house is the living room because of its expansive 13 foot ceilings. These, and the full wall of windows, give the room a spaciousness that can’t be beat! The sheer curtains go all the way to the ceiling giving an even greater feeling of airiness and lightness! Her favorite recliner sits in this room so she spends a lot time in this beautiful space.

Minimalism Has Its Ups and Downs

Tiny living creates the necessity of making choices regarding what’s most important to us, especially when it comes to decor. Brandy displays just a handful of art pieces her family has made, switched out the fireplace that comes standard with her model for more bookshelves, and made the main floor bedroom a craft/storage room.

Brandy finds zen in her sleeping loft where she does yoga in the mornings! Beautiful, large windows let in natural light and give it a sense of serenity, perfect for setting a positive tone for the day. The front and back porch are open spaces for entertaining. Her back porch has a southern exposure and access to parking, as well as an amazing view of the farm.

The biggest take-away from Brandy’s tiny home experience is that there are many reasons to go tiny but also a few sacrifices. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle allows savings on expenses like utilities, mortgage, and general upkeep. Brandy is so glad that she went tiny and plans to stay in her tiny home as long as she is able. She loves her tiny neighborhood and the not so tiny sense of satisfaction that she gets from contributing to this amazing farm community!


Check out her tiny home

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