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Top Tips for Building Your Rig with Professional Carpenters Shawn & Jess

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

In today's episode...

Ayana sits down with Shawn and Jess, a couple that’s been doing full time vanlife for over 3 years! After 18 months of exploring, they decided to begin helping others with their van builds and now do carpentry professionally on the road. They share their wisdom and top design/build tips for those looking to get into vanlife, as well as the most common mistakes they see in rigs!

Ayana, Jess & Shawn Discuss:

  • How Jess & Shawn got in to van life

  • The origin of their mobile building company

  • Lessons from life on the road

  • Top tips for building/designing your rig

  • Most common mistakes when building/design your home on wheels

  • Advice for folks looking to get on the road

To follow Shawn & Jess find them on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube @cruxandbeta. If you’d like to get in contact about consulting or build help you can email them at

Click below to see the full tour of Shawn & Jess's van:

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