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Traveling Couple Living Out Their Road Travel Dreams Between Nursing Assignments

Eric, Ashley, and Joanie, the dog, spend much of their time gallivanting around the United States in their amazing camper van, Casper, a 2012 Chevy Express 3500 extended model.

Safety and security were an important aspect to the couple so they’ve incorporated a few safety measures into the build. he entrance to the van has a 3 three-way light switch for turning on the lights when returning after dark, they have walkie-talkies mounted by the door so they can grab one as they are going out in case of an emergency, and exterior lighting rounds out the intuitive ideas for outside safety and security.

Security on the Road is Important

The couple’s favorite additions to their build include a swivel seat to give more livable space, a box on wheels to store Joanie’s food (Joanie’s throne) that lives between the front seats but can be moved anywhere as a seat, and a tuck away water bowl holder that slides away under the seat when not needed. Ashley also LOVES the pine slat ceiling that they oxidized with vinegar and steel wool to be more environmentally friendly.

A divider curtain gives them some stealth, light control, and a little insulation, to keep in the heat from their diesel heater. Eric and Ashley prefer to cook outside where they can stand up, plus it helps to reduce condensation in the van. They have drawers and cabinets for storage of their kitchen items and their 50L Dometic fridge and 20 gallon water tank allow them to live off-grid for a week at a time.

Before going tiny, they had been downsizing and feeling the need to change their circumstances. The pull to, “explore a different way of life and meet new people” was strong. Finally, they made the jump so that they could begin living their dreams now, instead of waiting until they were old enough to retire.

“We are able to work less because we don’t have as many expenses on the road.”

Don’t Wait for Retirement to Chase Your Dreams

“We feel like time is our biggest asset that we have here, so that’s something that’s really, really valuable to us!” Ashley is a traveling nurse who works all over the United States, on eight to 13 week contracts. Eric is a freelance product designer and picks up odd jobs.

Their couch in their living space converts to a pull out bed and they have a pull out drawer that converts to a table or desk for work, when needed. Clothing storage is a vertical closet and cabinets above the couch.

In summary, Eric and Ashley are thrilled with their decision to go tiny and the resulting life of freedom and joy that they are living. In appreciation, they want to give back to the community that taught them so much by creating content to help others.

View their full tour below:

Follow them on Instagram @create.your.own.roadshow and website Create Your Own Roadshow

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